Radioactive particles are detected in the air across Europe – and scientists are baffled | 22Fev2017 16:03:37


Fears of a secret nuclear test or an unreported nuclear accident have been stoked after radioactive particles have been detected in the air across Europe.

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Scientific dishonesty and nuclear power | 05Jan2013 17:40:42


This article is based on the talk by Dr. Chris Busby about scientific dishonesty in nuclear issues at the Royal Society in London last November. Please also see the video of the talk -- There is also a Powerpoint presentation.

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Fukushima reactor No. 4 at risk of catastrophic failure, dwarfing Chernobyl disaster; human civilization on the brink | 09Mai2012 19:10:25


Right now, the reactor's spent fuel pool is just one earthquake away from a structural failure that could set off a chain of events leading to the release of anywhere from 10 times to 85 times the Cesium-137 released in the Chernobyl disaster.

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400 Chernobyls: Solar Flares, EMP, and Nuclear Armageddon | 05Mar2012 21:52:17


There are nearly 450 nuclear reactors in the world, with hundreds more either under construction or in the planning stages. There are 104 of these reactors in the USA and 195 in Europe. Imagine what havoc it would wreak on our civilization and the planet’s ecosystems if we were to suddenly witness not just one or two nuclear melt-downs but 400 or more! How likely is it that our world might experience an event that could ultimately cause hundreds of reactors to fail and melt down at approximately the same time?  I venture to say that, unless we take significant protective measures, this apocalyptic scenario is not only possible but probable.

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The German drinking water is much more contaminated with Uranium then assumed | 14Jan2012 20:51:56


Uranium in fertilizers - progressive contamination of soil and groundwater

Uranium is a highly toxic and radioactive heavy metal. Already very small doses are dangerous. The substance is a common pollutant in fertilizer. There are two routes: first, rich rock formations have a natural content in phosphates, which can contaminate fertilizers when they are not properly cleaned. (Rock formations naturally have a uranium content of 50 to 200 ppm (parts per million)) which also may be a recicling solution used by the nuclear power industry.

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Castor Transport - radioactive material on its way to Gorleben, Germany | 28Nov2011 20:48:02



Castor is an acronyme and means “cask for storage and transport of radioactive material“

The so called Castor transports are special transports of radioactive material, which caused manifestations of German citizens  already 30 years behind. These protests still happen with all the strength and rhythm.

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Nuclear Industry Cover Up of Massive Radiation from Fukushima | 24Out2011 17:30:29

Please copy to your channel and share with everyone!
Essential vital information about Japan and Fukushima

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Attorney Torsten van Geest asked the Berlin Administrative Court injunction because of possible terrorist attack on the Berlin Olympic Stadium | 07Jun2011 19:47:53


"Because of the massive suspicion of a nuclear terrorist attack on 6/26/2011 on the opening match of the Women's World Cup in the Olympic Stadium in Berlin lawyer Tom van Geest of food now has a temporary injunction order against the Federal Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel and the country's interior minister of Berlin Dr. Ehrhart Koerting made ....

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Fukushima radiation taints US milk supplies at levels 300% higher than EPA maximums | 28Abr2011 16:05:52


The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) continues to release new data showing that various milk and water supply samples from across the US are testing increasingly high for radioactive elements such as Iodine-131, Cesium-134, and Cesium-137, all of which are being emitted from the ongoing Fukushima Daiichia nuclear fallout.

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USA: President Obama announced Americans should NOT prepare for the possibility of a radioactive fallout from Japan. | 18Mar2011 20:36:11


In what can only be called truly incredible breaking news, President Obama yesterday announced that Americans should NOT prepare for the possibility of radioactive fallout. They should only watch the news and listen to official information, but don't get prepared.

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The United Nations has now confirmed that a radioactive plume will reach California by Friday | 17Mar2011 16:19:08


Fortunately, this is calculated to be a very small level of radiation that officially poses no real health risk -- but that won't be true if Fukushima goes into a fuel rod meltdown (which could happen in the next 2 days).

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Japan: a partial or total nuclear meltdown seems increasingly likely | 16Mar2011 20:14:03


Things are getting far worse in Japan. As of this writing, a partial or total nuclear meltdown event seems increasingly likely. Nuclear engineers have essentially surrendered to the laws of physics now at the Fukushima power plant and pulled all the workers off the site. Now it's just a matter of watching and praying.

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