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When ‘Smart’ Meters Kill: The Story of Larry Nikkel | 17Jul2014 19:48:01


Details have come to light of a man killed by a Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) Smart Meter that caught fire in Vacaville, CA on July 9th, 2010.   Larry Nikkel of 230 Arbor St. died from a suspicious electrical fire that consumed his home the day after Wellington Energy, contractors for PG&E, installed a Landis & Gyr “smart” electric meter.  A wrongful death suit lawsuit filed by the family against the utility, subcontractor, and meter manufacturer has now been settled for an undisclosed sum.

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USA: Police now accompanying Smart Meter installations: Two homeowners arrested for saying NO! | 04Mar2013 12:30:56


Member of Naperville Police Department (some call them City Council Goon Squad)
takes citizen into custody for attempting to protect our civil rights.

As if police in most major cities didn't have enough to do already, now they are being deployed as enforcers for the nanny state.

Cops in Naperville, Ill., a suburb of Chicago, have arrested two mothers after they attempted to block utility workers from installing so-called "smart meters" on their homes. The women, who were known to be vocal opponents of the wireless electric meters, apparently, were not the only smart meter opponents, however, because city officials told the Chicago Tribune they have ordered police to accompany utility crews as they install the meters on other homes where they were previously sent away.

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Stratford Smart Meter | 02Nov2011 19:19:22

The rollout out of radiofrequency-emitting smart meters seems to be only a matter of time. Despite protests from many groups of concerned people, it seems that there may well not be any alternative. We have found a horrifying Youtube video of what people with smart meters are being exposed to where the system is in place. We invite you to have a look.

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