Rapefugee Victim to be Prosecuted for Defending Herself | 04Mar2016 23:12:47


A 17-year-old Danish girl who used pepper spray to defend herself from a rape attack by a nonwhite invader “refugee” in the southern city of Sønderborg will now be prosecuted under the Firearms Act, local police have said.

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EU Set to Monitor “Intolerant” Citizens | 30Jan2016 16:00:43


Poster (edited) by OwlMart     Zazzle

A frightening proposal currently being considered by the European Parliament would direct governments to monitor citizens deemed “intolerant” and could even lead to a ban on all criticism of Islam and feminism.

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Who is helping ISIS? | 31Dez2015 15:57:28


12,000 Oil Smuggling Trucks Photographed Crossing Into Turkey From Iraq
Thousands of trucks laden with oil were photographed by Russian intelligence crossing from Iraq into Turkey. 

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British judge issued a warning that women are not safe when taking a taxi cab in Great Britain | 09Dez2015 20:13:55


Numerous reports reveal that rape of non-muslim women by Muslim men has spiked.
United Kingdom taxi rape epidemic by Muslim tax-cab drivers.
British judge issued a warning that women are not safe when taking a taxi cab in Great Britain.
The history of Islam and its approval of raping non-muslim women by Mohammed and the Koran. 

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When I was pardoned | 02Dez2015 19:18:09


The judge, an older woman, looked up from the papers on her desk. “I read through your file, young man, and I have only one question. Why did you turn yourself in? You were on the run five years, you had a job under an alias, and you seemed to have created a new life for yourself. So why did you come back here?”

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Soccer superstar Ronaldo survived mom’s illegal abortion attempt | 17Nov2015 19:32:35


Cristiano Ronaldo, a Portuguese soccer player is alive today only because the law at his conception prohibited a legal abortion, and he survived in utero an illegal, but ineffective folkloric alternative abortion method. 

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Washington Airdrops Tons of Weapons to Rebels in Syria | 13Nov2015 11:22:30


Hopeful news at the end of last week that the Obama Administration was considering disengaging from its schizophrenic war in Syria has given way to the ugly reality that Washington's neocons in charge will never back away from a fight (as long as they are not doing the fighting).

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Your land, strangers devour it in your presence | 11Nov2015 19:36:44


Your country is desolate, your cities are burned with fire: your land, strangers devour it in your presence, and it is desolate, as overthrown by strangers. (Isaiah 1:7)

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Pope Benedict, “Gender Theory” and the Threat to Civilization | 02Nov2015 15:48:53


Pope Benedict XVI, in his 2012 Christmas address to the Roman Curia, warned against what is called “Gender theory.” This theory, which coincides with the rise of homosexuality in society, claims there is no such thing as a God-given masculine nature or a feminine nature. Individuals are free to choose and remake their gender.

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