Bishop promoted by Francis: ‘Remarried’ couples must have sex to be ‘family’ | 04Abr2018 19:46:44


The newly-installed bishop of the Portuguese city of Porto, Manuel Linda, appeared to reject the Catholic doctrine that divorced and invalidly remarried Catholics should abstain from sexual intercourse. He stated in a recent interview, “I’m convinced that it isn’t really a family” if they do so.

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Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg makes billions by learning everything about you to sell ads | 29Mar2018 23:45:57


In response to the scandal which broke last week over alleged misuse of its users’ personal information, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has been doing damage control in order to minimize the PR fiasco which has resulted in his company losing $70 billion in value in just a few short days. 

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"Portugal is inhabited by humans for a million years" - comment | 21Mar2018 21:02:38


Another creationist comment (below) removed, this time in Sol newspaper. This is how the myth of evolution remains immune to a critical analysis.

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Episcopal criticism of the Francis papacy agenda is increasing | 09Mar2018 12:03:19


Episcopal criticism of the Francis papacy agenda is increasing and becoming more vocal each day while heading toward some kind of climax.

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Petition urging Disney to respect traditional families and not turn Elsa, the lead character in "Frozen", into a lesbian | 02Mar2018 11:30:34


Disney's Frozen became the highest-grossing animated film of all time when it was released in 2013, and Elsa quickly became an icon for little girls around the world.

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Iceland Aims to "Eradicate" Every Child With Down Syndrome-100% Abortion Rate Proves the Alarming Truth | 28Fev2018 16:09:06


Every human life has value because it's created in the image of God. That includes the lives of people who are born with Down syndrome. That is-unless you live in Iceland.

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Leaked docs raise question of Pope's personal role in new Vatican financial scandal | 21Fev2018 20:25:07


Leaked documents obtained by LifeSiteNews connect the Pope himself to a new Vatican financial scandal and raise serious questions about his global reputation as the "pope for the poor."

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LGBT group finds America doesn't like its radical identity politics anymore, panics | 12Fev2018 13:31:56


Acceptance of "LGBT" people - which had experienced a dramatic upswing in recent years - has peaked and begun to decline according to a report unveiled by the LGBT media advocacy group GLAAD. 

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Trump declares Roe v. Wade abortion anniversary to be 'Sanctity of Human Life Day' | 09Fev2018 19:59:07


President Donald Trump proclaimed Monday, January 22, 2018, "National Sanctity of Human Life Day." The proclamation comes on the 45th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the landmark decision that legalized abortion in the U.S. throughout the entire nine months of a mother's pregnancy.

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France: A Decomposing Civilization | 01Fev2018 18:10:34


France's authorities and elites are tearing up, piece by piece, the country's historical, religious and cultural legacy so that nothing remains. A nation dispossessed of its identity will see its inner strength broken. 

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UN: The Culture of Death Returns | 11Jan2018 18:00:28


The United Nations Human Rights Committee is about to impose the universal legalization of abortion in the very name of the right to life.

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Catholics shocked that Vatican Christmas tree has no Christian symbols | 23Dez2017 17:23:17


The decorations on the Vatican Christmas tree in St. Peter's Square this year are devoid of Christian religious symbols, a veteran Vaticanist reports. 

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Trump has saved many nations from evils of globalist Paris Climate Agreement | 13Nov2017 19:54:43


On June 1 President Donald Trump announced that the United States would be withdrawing from the Paris Climate Agreement. With that action he put the brakes on the globalist climate change tyranny that threatens to destroy the independence, economies, cultures and freedoms of many nations. He did this even though 195 nations have already signed the Agreement and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, his daughter Ivanka and many others were pressuring him to not withdraw from the Agreement. The President instead did what he believed was right for the good of the United States and the world.

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