Radioactive particles are detected in the air across Europe – and scientists are baffled | 22Fev2017 16:03:37


Fears of a secret nuclear test or an unreported nuclear accident have been stoked after radioactive particles have been detected in the air across Europe.

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Jews Promote Homosexual Marriage in America but Outlaw it in Israel | 13Fev2017 17:35:56


All official Jewish groups and organizations in America have welcomed the Supreme Court’s ruling that homosexual marriage is legal throughout the country—but these same Jewish organizations also all back Israel, which has outlawed homosexual marriage completely.

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Pope Francis marks ‘Day for Life’ with abortion euphemism condemned by St. John Paul II | 08Fev2017 11:52:35


February 7, 2017 (Voice of the Family) – Pope Francis has marked the “day for life” in Italy by adopting the abortion lobby’s euphemism “interruption of pregnancy” in place of language that accurately describes the killing of unborn children. In his message the Holy Father does speak some welcome words, encouraging “courageous educational action in favour of human life” and reminding the gathered crowds that “every life is sacred”. Unfortunately rather than refer to abortion he adopts terminology used by the abortion industry. In fact, the form of words used by Pope Francis is specifically condemned by Pope John Paul II in his encyclical letter Evangelium Vitae. 

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The ideological purge at the Vatican | 01Fev2017 16:56:03


For most of us, who are not Knights of Malta, the resignation of the group’s grand master will have little immediate impact. But the unprecedented papal intervention into the affairs of that venerable body fits into a pattern that should, at this point, worry all faithful Catholics. Under Pope Francis, the Vatican is systematically silencing, eliminating, and replacing critics of the Pope’s views.

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LGBT mob chases down and corners Pat McCrory | 25Jan2017 16:42:03


Below is a YouTube video shot by a profane North Carolina revolutionary socialist named Udai Basavaraj. On a visit to DC for the inauguration (and leftist feminist march) weekend, Basavaraj apparently led a harassing protest against former North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory–yelling “Shame on you, shame on you!” etc., at the recently defeated Republican because he signed the HB2 “bathroom” bill into law. HB2 requires that people use the restroom matching their biological sex. 

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France bans video with Down syndrome kids to avoid ‘disturbing the conscience’ of abortive moms | 28Dez2016 17:45:26


A beautiful “Dear Future Mom” video has been banned by the French Broadcasting Council and the French State Council because it includes smiling children with Down syndrome.

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When a lawsuit forced an Indiana town to remove its Christmas tree cross, residents did this | 23Dez2016 17:45:20


Earlier this month, the town council representing 2,100 residents ordered the removal of the cross after the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) filed a suit on behalf of resident Joseph Tompkins.

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Outrage! CNN blames conservatives for Berlin terror attack | 20Dez2016 20:07:02


CNN’s official response to the Berlin Christmas massacre, where a blood-crazed Islamic terrorist plowed a truck into a crowd of innocent people at a Christmas celebration, was a strong condemnation of Islamic extremism and the violent murderers being imported into Western Europe.

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Climate of fear in Vatican is very real | 17Dez2016 15:05:13


The common phrase we kept hearing that week in Rome is that there is a 'war' going on in the Church – a war of the progressives against the orthodox Catholics.

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The Road to Ruin - The Global Elites' Secret Plan for the Next Financial Crisis. Book by James Rickards | 13Dez2016 13:19:28


The bestselling author of The Death of Money and Currency Wars reveals the global elites' dark effort to hide a coming catastrophe from investors in The Road to Ruin, now a National Bestseller.

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Finnish Police Banned From Identifying Migrants as Criminal Suspects - Authorities want to avoid 'racist' backlash from critics of migrant influx | 12Dez2016 13:25:29


Finnish cops have been ordered by the country’s national police board not to publicly identify migrants as criminal suspects over concerns that doing so would encourage a ‘racist’ backlash against the wave of asylum seekers entering Scandinavia. 

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Daughter of top EU official raped and murdered in Germany - Afghan migrant admits killing | 10Dez2016 16:44:51

AN Afghan migrant has admitted the rape and murder of a medical student, who also worked voluntarily at a refugee centre.

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Dubia debacle shows the Church is in a ‘religious civil war’, says famed Catholic historian | 06Dez2016 15:36:05


Italian Catholic historian Roberto de Mattei has stated that Pope Francis’ refusal to answer questions by the four Cardinals about whether Amoris Laetitia conforms to Catholic teaching is itself “already an answer,” the implications of which, he says, indicates that the Catholic Church has entered into a “religious civil war.”

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