Media that crucified ‘Bishop of Bling’ silent on liberal, overspending Francis adviser Cardinal Marx | 11Fev2015 15:55:05


Some are asking why the German and indeed the world media relentlessly pursued the conservative “Bishop of Bling,” Bishop Franz-Peter Tebartz-van Elst, leading to his sacking in 2013 by Pope Francis, when liberal bishops who spend more are passed over in silence. Tebartz-van Elst was attacked over a €31 million re-build of a diocesan centre, when left-leaning Cardinal Reinhardt Marx, one of Pope Francis’s key advisors, spends €130 million – for starters – on a diocesan “service centre” in his diocese of Munich-Freising. 

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British judge suspended and ‘re-educated’ for thinking children do best with a mom and dad | 31Jan2015 17:18:06


Image British Justice of the Peace Richard Page

Richard Page, a 68-year-old British Justice of the Peace and evangelical Christian, has been condemned by the country’s highest legal authorities, suspended, and subjected to a day-long re-education session to rid him of the dangerous belief that a child would be better off being adopted by a family with a mother and a father than by a same-sex couple. 

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Sputnik: Hypocrites Shine on Paris Catwalk, by Pepe Escobar | 14Jan2015 15:04:30


What an unrivalled parade of political hypocrisy. The sight of General Hollande, Conqueror of Mali; David of Arabia Cameron; Angela “Let Eastern Ukrainians die” Merkel; Ahmed “Assad must go” Davutoglu; even King Sarko the First, Liberator of Libya; not to mention Bibi “Final Solution” Netanyahu – all marching for “freedom”, “free speech” and “civilization” against barbarism in the streets of Paris would make every stalwart of Western intellectual tradition, from Diogenes to Voltaire and from Nietzsche to Karl Kraus, cringe in disgust.

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In “Noah”, The Fallen Angels Are The Good Guys | 12Jan2015 19:34:43


In “Noah”, the fallen angels are “good guys” that were kicked out of heaven because of their compassion for humanity, they help Noah build the ark, and they ascend to heaven when they die helping defend the ark against a band of marauding evil humans. 

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The Zero Line between Pakistan and India - A growing threat | 02Jan2015 18:58:28


Pakistani man transporting bottled water Reuters

When President Clinton was in office he addressed this situation… He said:
“The most dangerous place in the world right now, I think you could argue, is the Indian sub-continent, and the line of control in Kashmir.”

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Richard Dawkins upset that public doesn’t like him | 13Dez2014 15:07:55


Misotheist Richard Dawkins feels unloved and misunderstood … and is bothered by it. In an interview2 about the release of his memoir An Appetite For Wonder: The Making of a Scientist, Dawkins was concerned by the fact that the public had an unfavourable perception of him. He said:

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GMO corn plantings lead to death of 37 million bees in Canada? | 01Dez2014 20:05:25


Tens of millions of bees near Ontario, Canada, have dropped dead following a recent planting of genetically modified (GM) corn. David Schuit, a beekeeper in Elmwood, reportedly lost 600 hives containing some 37 million bees, the direct result, say scientists, of neonicotinoid pesticides that damage bees' immune systems and navigation abilities, resulting in mass die-offs.

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Ottawa archbishop decries ‘false sensitivity’: ‘Misleading’ people on sexual morals is not ‘loving’ | 29Nov2014 15:18:34


Canada and the West is in a crisis caused by ideologies that oppose the sanctity of human life and the institution of marriage and the family, said Ottawa Catholic Archbishop Terrence Prendergast at a conference on the family on the weekend.

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Thank Cardinal Burke for his Vatican service | 26Nov2014 15:21:13


On Nov. 8, the Vatican announced that Pope Francis had removed Cardinal Raymond Burke, one of the strongest pro-life and pro-family voices in the Catholic Church, from his position as the prefect of the Vatican’s Apostolic Signatura. Cardinal Burke has instead been named patron of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, a largely ceremonial role.

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What is aspartame? 5 surprising facts you never knew about this chemical | 25Nov2014 21:55:20


If you don’t know what aspartame is by now it’s about time you pay attention. It’s in about 6000 products currently, so you might want to watch out.

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Harmonizing science and Scripture? | 22Nov2014 17:17:19


‘Sophisticated’, well-meaning, but uninformed Christians can actually harm the cause

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Resisting the secular slide | 12Nov2014 23:27:36


In many ways, the experience of children and young people raised in today’s western societies is very different from a generation or two ago. Children of the 1970s (like myself) had no knowledge of mobile telephones, computers, video games, tablet devices, the Internet, satellite navigation, and more besides—they were not even ‘on our radar’. 

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Ex-CIA director – We kill people based on metadata | 07Nov2014 19:50:53


A former high-ranking US intelligence official has admitted that Washington uses the metadata obtained by the National Security Agency as the basis for killing people.

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Scientists: Humans are 'an infection' and Ebola is Earth's immune response to consume all the human 'meat' | 31Out2014 19:23:54


If you haven't yet read The Hot Zone by Richard Preston, a non-fiction book published in 1994, you're way behind the curve on the truth about Ebola.

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