The ruling elite has their unique ethical code | 29Abr2011 13:59:41


The ruling elite has their unique ethical code: before executing any of their plans, they drop clues here and there, so as to let the world know just enough to understand that almost nothing that is happening in the world is not by design by the invisible lords of the world, supposedly very powerful and infiltrating. The reason for this ethical code is to show off their powers. Telling the world that something will happen and then actually executing it to make their predictions come to pass is a powerful sign they hope for the world to wonder and ponder about, and then eventually revere them.

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Fukushima radiation taints US milk supplies at levels 300% higher than EPA maximums | 28Abr2011 16:05:52


The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) continues to release new data showing that various milk and water supply samples from across the US are testing increasingly high for radioactive elements such as Iodine-131, Cesium-134, and Cesium-137, all of which are being emitted from the ongoing Fukushima Daiichia nuclear fallout.

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Dead Wrong! How Psychiatric Drugs Can Kill Your Child | 23Abr2011 13:28:52


The truth about psychiatric drugs is getting out. This is the story of one mother’s quest to find out why her happy, outgoing son committed suicide shortly after being placed on psychiatric drugs. What she discovered was that suicidal and homicidal impulses are well-known side effects of these drugs.

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Chinese Put Cancer of the Parotid Gland on Center Stage | 21Abr2011 13:05:01


Chinese researchers in Beijing are seeing some of the highest rates of cancer ever reported in any cell phone study. They have found that long-term, heavy users have rates of malignant parotid gland tumors that are seven to 13 times higher than might otherwise be expected.

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NC bill threatens to criminalize naturopaths, homeopaths, herbalists, midwives, aromatherapists as felons | 05Abr2011 16:23:30


If you missed our urgent alert sent out earlier, here's a shocking piece of news: North Carolina is about to vote on state legislation that would turn naturopaths, homeopaths, herbalists and energy healers into felons. This is the beginning of the medical police state that's attempting to imprison all the healers and remove all competition from the pharma-medical-industrial complex.

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These two interesting and amazing prophecies were given long ago in Norway. | 30Mar2011 19:38:34



An old woman of 90 from Valdres in Norway had a vision from God in 1968. The evangelist Emanuel Minos had meetings (services) where she lived. He had the opportunity to meet her, and she told him what she had seen. He wrote it down, but thought it to be so unintelligible that he put it in a drawer. Now, almost 30 years later, he understands he has to share the vision with others.

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High levels of Iodine-131 found in rain in Pennsylvania and Massachusetts | 29Mar2011 16:12:56


The Environmental Protection Agency yesterday reported finding elevated levels of iodine-131, a product of nuclear fission, in rainwater in Pennsylvania and Massachusetts. The levels exceed the maximum contaminant level (MCL) permitted in drinking water, but EPA continues to assure the public there is no need for alarm:

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Japanese quake's epicenter located near Marian apparition site | 25Mar2011 13:41:44


The epicenter of the earthquake that caused a deadly March 11 tsunami is located near the site of an apparition in which Mary warned about a worldwide disaster that could afflict humanity.

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Number 11: Events continuing to occur "by the numbers" -- sacred occult numbers | 24Mar2011 20:05:07


The Bible states that Antichrist will be the 11th Horn to appear on the world scene [Daniel 7:7-8] and the Illuminati recognizes "11" as one of the major numbers of their Antichrist. When we review the way in which the attacks of 9/11 occurred by the "11's" and review the significance of "11" in history, you will see the hand of God forcing the hand of the Illuminati to fulfill Biblical prophecies!

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Japan: earthquake strikes 9 minutes before time in INWO card | 23Mar2011 21:02:48


Steve Jackson, author of the card game “INWO – Illuminati New World Order”, published in 1995, draw accurately the Twin Towers and Pentagon strikes of 11 Sep 2001. Now another of his cards informs the following regarding Japan’s earthquake:

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Coincidence or planned? Illuminati card game predicted Japan's Earthquake | 22Mar2011 20:17:39


A card game set about the so called "illuminati" was made in 1995.
I myself was very skeptic about the illuminati and the NWO until a couple of cards I happen to come across literally gave me goosebumps.

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USA: President Obama announced Americans should NOT prepare for the possibility of a radioactive fallout from Japan. | 18Mar2011 20:36:11


In what can only be called truly incredible breaking news, President Obama yesterday announced that Americans should NOT prepare for the possibility of radioactive fallout. They should only watch the news and listen to official information, but don't get prepared.

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The United Nations has now confirmed that a radioactive plume will reach California by Friday | 17Mar2011 16:19:08


Fortunately, this is calculated to be a very small level of radiation that officially poses no real health risk -- but that won't be true if Fukushima goes into a fuel rod meltdown (which could happen in the next 2 days).

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Japan: a partial or total nuclear meltdown seems increasingly likely | 16Mar2011 20:14:03


Things are getting far worse in Japan. As of this writing, a partial or total nuclear meltdown event seems increasingly likely. Nuclear engineers have essentially surrendered to the laws of physics now at the Fukushima power plant and pulled all the workers off the site. Now it's just a matter of watching and praying.

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